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In And Out Pet

Doodle Prices:

Full Grooming
Small $110
Medium $130
Large $150
Ex-Large $170
Bath & Tidy​
Small $80
Medium $100
Large $120
Ex-Large $140

Doodle refers to any pure breed mixed with poodle: 

Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, Cavapoo, Bernedoodle, Scoodle, Aussiedoodle, Sheepadoodle, Schnoodle, Shih Poo, Irish Doodle, Yorkipoo, Pomapoo, Havapoo, Jackapoo, Peekapoo, Saint Berdoodle, Whoodle, Newfypoo, Westiepoo, Boxerdoodle, Huskydoodle, Rottle, Bordoodle, Poogle, Corgipoo, Springerdoodle, Pyredoodle, Shepadoodle, Doxiepoo, Pugapoo, Choodle, Foodle 

Mobile Pet Grooming

Want a tidy pet without going through all the trouble?

Thanks to In-And-Out-Pet mobile pet grooming services, you won't have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy an amazing grooming experience.

In-And-Out-Pet is a high-quality pet grooming service that provides your pets with an amazing full-service grooming experience in the comfort and safety of your driveway, all without any stress.

 Your pet should be treated as if it were a family member. Because of this, we never groom animals in cages, kennel dryers, or with harsh chemicals. 

We utilize ecologically safe materials and handle pet grooming in a highly structured, expert manner.

​Our FULL GROOMING service includes:

  • A complete brush out and neat finish

  • Giving a warm bath using a shampoo that is all-natural and ecological and adds full-on lather

  • Soft and smooth conditioning

  • Blow dry

  • Haircut and sanitation trim

  • Nails trimming or buffing

  • Cleaning and plucking of ears

Prices are estimates on that reflect dogs being groomed on a regular basis which is from 1 to 8 weeks, depending on breed/coat. Aggressive or hard-to-control dogs, geriatric animals, or dogs not on a regular grooming schedule will be charged accordingly, as will dogs with matted coats and/or burrs. Cat grooming is done by Nichole. Minimum Service Call is $60 Bath & Tidy or $90 for full grooming. Doodle prices are higher, doodle prices listed below.

 Dependable & Affordable Pet Care Services

 Dependable & Affordable Pet Care Services

Small Dog 1lbs-30lbs
Short-Hair Terriers, Chihuahuas,  Rat Terrier, Dachshund


Medium Dog 31lbs-60lbs
Short-Hair Terriers, Pitbulls, Boxer, Beagle


Large Dog 60lbs-90lbs
Labrador, Golden Retriever,  Dalmatian, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Husky


Ex-Large Dog 90lbs+
Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden Doodle, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees


Bath & Tidy Prices

Bath & Tidy is bath, nails, ears, glands, sanitary cut, paw pads and face if needed.

Full-Grooming Prices

Full Grooming is bath, haircut allover, nails, ears and glands.

Small Dog 1lbs-30lbs
Bichon Frise, Westie, Shih-tzu, Toy Poodle, Maltese, Short-Legged Terriers, Pomeranian


Medium Dog 30lbs-60lbs
English Cocker, American Cocker, Poodle, Cockapoo, Long-Legged Terriers, Schnauzer


Large Dog 60lbs-90lbs
English Cocker, American Cocker, Poodle, Cockapoo, Long-Legged Terriers, Schnauzer


Ex-Large Dog 90lbs+
Bernese Mountain Dog, Golden doodle, Newfoundland,  Great Pyrenees


All basic bath and hair cut grooms include:

  • Warm water bath with all natural and biodegraedable shampoo

  • Nail trimming and ear cleaning

  • Brush out and a neaten all over (pads and sanitary trim) 

  • Additional charges may apply for breed-specific trim or de-matting

  • Breed specific trims are an additional $10-40, depending on hair cut or trim. 

  • There is a $10 trip charge for all appointments and an added extra surcharge outside 10 mile radius of RENO/SPARKS area.


*If you live in a gated community you need to give us a GATE CODE to get in or meet us at the gate at a certain time to let us in. Otherwise we won't be able to groom your dog.




Small Dogs, Bath & Tidy up to 30lbs


Medium Dogs, Bath & Tidy up to 60lbs


Large Dogs, Bath & Tidy up to 100lbs


Extra-Large Dogs, Bath & Tidy Over 100lbs


Cat Bath & Tidy

Small Dogs, Full Grooming up to 30lbs


Medium Dogs, Full Grooming up to 60lbs


Large Dogs, Full Grooming up to 100lbs


Ex-Large Dogs, Full Grooming over 100lbs


Cat Full Grooming


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