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  1. Please note that all appointments scheduled has a 3 hour time window due to we can be running late or early to your schedule appointment.

  2. We don't do just nail clippings or glands you must book an appointment for a bath and tidy or full grooming. We do just nail clipping if we are there for an appointment already scheduled for another dog.

  3. If you have more then 1 dog "click on + add another service" to book another dog, it's below the service drop down window. Do this for each additional dog you want schedule an appointment for.

  4. If you would like to book with a certain groomer click on the "Employee" dropdown window to pick groomer you would like to book with.

  5. If you don't see an opening for date you want your dog/dogs you might have to click on first availability to find an appointment for your dogs.

  6. When booking you must choose 1 groomer if you have multiple dogs, we are a mobile groomer and cannot have 2 grooming vans at the same location. 

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